Translating Almost Entire in Romanian: Story of Dan Caragea

For quite a while, either Japanese or Brazilian Portuguese had been the most translated locales of Other locales closest to the 90% completion threshold were French (France), German, Spanish (Spain), and Swedish.

But today, 98% of is translated to Romanian with the highest percentage than any other locales.

wpcom-translation-status translation project completion status

We were amazed to see the fast progress of the Romanian translation project and found out that Dan Caragea (dancarageact62) has been hard at work. On his own, he translated astonishing 23,613 strings this year. His contribution also includes themes and other projects.

I had a chance to ask Dan a few questions.

Dan Caragea, Romanian translation contributor

What made you decide to work on translation?

I noticed that Romanian translation project was stagnant for a while, even though it’s a platform very much used in my country. On the other hand, I realized that there are quite a few strings fetched directly from on my self-hosted WordPress site such as Jetpack related sections (I’m also one of Global Translation Editors of Romanian).

I began to translate on but nobody validated my translations, so I asked to become a validator and started doing it alone.

Any tips you want to share with fellow translators?

No tips, just hard work, with a daily goal. It was maybe a personal bet: Romanian translation to have a share of over 90% by the end of year.

But to my joy, I reached the target earlier with a percentage that I never imagined when I started.

What do you use WordPress for?

Now I use a self-hosted WordPress for my blog.

Dan’s blog

We would like to congratulate Dan for achieving an impressive milestone. He inpired us by showing that dedicated hard work and setting small (daily) goals can make a big difference over time.

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