New Features for Validators: Locale Glossary, Set as Fuzzy

With the recent upgrade, we have two useful new features for validators.

Locale Glossary

Building a robust glossary for your locale is crucial for a successful translation project. From now on, project validators can build a locale glossary shared across all projects.

This means that translators no longer have to look up terms on the project glossary for while translating themes or any other projects.

Locale glossary term is shown while translating a theme

Validators can start building their locale glossary by importing an existing set of terms and translations*. For more information, check out this documentation.

* If you had a project glossary for the project, we’ve already migrated it to a locale glossary. You can find the new location on this list.

Set Current Translation as Fuzzy

Have you had a time when you wanted to change the status of an already approved translation from “Current” to “Fuzzy” while validating? Now validators can click the “Fuzzy” button on a questionable translation to mark it as not Current and come back to it later.


Until a new translation is approved and set as Current, Fuzzy items will become untranslated after a translation deploy**.

** Translation deploys happens irregularly for all projects except for the themes, which has scheduled deploys once a day after a completion threshold is met.

Special Thanks

These updates were made possible by everyone who contributed the release of GlotPress 2.3, the open source software behind Thank you!