Translating in 2017

2017 was a terrific year for translate.wordpress.comAnother year, another gargantuan effort by the tireless WordPress polyglot community (all 2,941 of you!).

In 2017 community volunteers contributed 69,089 strings in 109 languages, bringing the total number of translations to 299,374 – a 34% increase since 2016.

Thanks to their work translating labels, tooltips, settings, editor buttons, headings, help text, themes and hundreds of other categories over more than 30 projects, there are now more happy users than ever.

Notable mentions

All community volunteers deserve kudos/multiple hugs/pats on the back. Still, there are a few to whom we’d like to give a digital fist bump for being among our most active contributors this year.

  1. armuti for giving 1.6 million Chuvash speakers the gift of
  2. Ken Ken for performing the Hong Kong/Taiwan Chinese double-whammy
  3. Dandelion Sprout for devotion to the delightful Norwegian language
  4. Dan Caragea: Romanian maintains its position as the most highly translated language of the year 🙂
  5. gorskimoz, for whom countless speakers of Slovenian are grateful
  6. justina33, who came out on top in the UI vs Lithuanian challenge
  7. taqbaylitassa for enriching with exquisite Kabylian syllables
  8. DelphiKnight for demonstrating great chivalry in Georgian. Thank you, O Knight!
  9. Muhammad Farhan Danish, whose translations grace the screens of all Urdu-speaking users
  10. వీవెన్, for the continuing contributions to Telugu, a language spoken by a whopping 75 million people!

Locales with the most activity

Here are the top 10 movers of 2017:

  1. Chuvash
  2. Norwegian
  3. Chinese (Hong Kong)
  4. Romanian
  5. Slovenian
  6. Urdu
  7. Icelandic
  8. Telugu
  9. Lithuanian
  10. Afrikaans

Thank you!

The amount of translations and projects is forever climbing, and so is the number of WordPress users who, in their own languages, are delivering new ideas to the universe.

To those we didn’t mention – you know who you are – we bow to you. Language is the bridge to a better internet and better world, and your work has a direct and positive impact on the experience of millions of bloggers. Thank you for helping us make awesome for everyone.

We wish you all a fabulous 2018. Here’s to an even more successful year of polyglotism. 🙂

The community needs you

Would you like to contribute your linguistic knowledge to the biggest blogging community humankind has ever known? Great! Head over to to find out how you can get started.

Current community translators can also request to become validators. Find out more in the FAQs.

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