New Feature: Easy Placeholder Insertion

We have added a new feature to GlotPress to ease the handling of placeholders during translation!

Placeholder tags have long been a pain point for translators and validators in GlotPress. If a placeholder appears in the source string, the exact same placeholder must appear in the translation. To enter these into your translations, you would previously have to copy the placeholder from the source string and paste it into the correct place in the translation or manually enter the placeholder into the translation.

Now you can add placeholders while translating by simply clicking on the placeholder from list below the translation field. The placeholder will automatically be placed where your cursor is located.


Placeholders that are missing from the translation are shown in red. Once you insert the placeholder into the translation, it will turn green.

With this new feature, you no longer have to worry about typos in the placeholder text or errors copying partial tags! Additionally, you can easily edit fuzzy strings when only the placeholders have changed. We hope this new feature is helpful to you!