Improved Filter Functionality

The filter functionality in GlotPress has been a helpful way to search for strings in GlotPress. You can use filters to find out how a specific term is translated or to find a translation string you would like to improve. Filters give you the possibility to search through our entire repository of strings and translations. You can even find strings you have translated by filtering by a user.

While filters can be useful when translating, sometimes the filtered results are too large and don’t yield the results you were expecting. This would force you to scroll through several irrelevant strings to get to the right one.

We have now added the possibility to narrow down the scope of the search.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 5.26.19 PM.png

Under the “Term” field, you will see Term Scope options. Here you can choose whether you want to search for the term in the English Source (select Originals only) or the Translations (select Translations only). You can also search the context or string reference.

This can be used in many ways to improve your translation or validation workflow. For example, if you want to know how a feature name has been translated in your language, you can search for “originals only”. This will pull up every instance of the feature name. You can then check how it was translated across all strings in your language. If you want to change the translation of a term that has been translated inconsistently, you can filter for the “wrong” translation by “Translations only” and update the translation.

Have a look around! Try filtering for some terms or phrases. Maybe you will find other uses for the improved filters!