Becoming a Validator

In order for translations to become visible on and other Automattic projects, they need to be approved by one of the validators for the locale.

While there are some validators who are polyglots on staff, we welcome volunteer validators who have the passion to make our products available in their native languages.


  • Be a native speaker of the language. One of our staff members will verify this with you.
  • Have contributed at least 20 translation suggestions.
  • There are no more than 2 active validators for the locale (max 3 for each locale).
  • Have two-step authentication enabled on their account.

If you become inactive, we may remove your validator status and pass it onto someone else who wants to actively participate. When you are ready to get back to translation, let us know and we’re happy to grant the status again.

Once in a while, we may send an email requesting validation for waiting translations.

Steps to Become a Validator

  1. Translate 20 or more strings in any of our translation projects. Best would be strings of decent length that allow us to understand your knowledge of the language.
  2. Post a request to become a validator in the Translations Forums.
  3. We will make sure you meet all the criteria listed above then grant the status.

Other Notes

We strongly encourage all validators (and translators, ideally) to get in touch with their respective translation community, so that consistency can be maintained across both flavors of WordPress.