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Security {{em}}Real-time{{/em}}
Real-time backups of your entire site and database with unlimited secure storage. {{link}}Learn more{{/link}}.
Scan {{em}}Real-time{{/em}}
Automated real-time scanning for security vulnerabilities or threats on your site. Includes instant notifications and automatic security fixes. {{link}}Learn more{{/link}}.
Activity log: 1-year archive
View every change to your site in the last year. Pairs with VaultPress Backup to restore your site to any earlier version. {{link}}Learn more.{{/link}}
Help your site visitors find answers instantly so they keep reading and buying. Powerful filtering and customization options. {{link}}Learn more.{{/link}}
Easy video uploads through an unbranded, customizable video player, enhanced with rich stats and unlimited storage space. {{link}}Learn more{{/link}}.
The most simple and powerful WordPress CRM. Improve customer relationships and increase profits. {{link}}Learn more{{/link}}.
Accept payments from credit or debit cards via Stripe. Sell products, collect donations, and set up recurring payments for subscriptions or memberships. {{link}}Learn more{{/link}}.
Jetpack Complete includes the best of everything Jetpack has to offer: real-time security, enhanced search, CRM, and marketing, growth, and design tools.
For best-in-class WordPress sites


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