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Name servers
Your primary domain is the address visitors will see in their address bar when visiting your blog. All other domains will redirect to the primary domain.
DNS Records
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Your domain should start working immediately, but may be unreliable during the first 30 minutes.
Change primary domain
Primary domain changed: all domains will redirect to {{em}}%(domainName)s{{/em}}.
Something went wrong and we couldn't change your primary domain.
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Free domain available
%(domainName)s is ready when you are.
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Find the domain that defines you
Start a site now to unlock everything can offer.
Setting Primary Domain…
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Upgrade to a paid plan to make this your primary domain
Transfer domain
Create site
%(gSuiteMailboxCount)d mailbox
%(emailForwardsCount)d forward
Add a domain to this site
Site: %(siteName)s
Manage all your domains
Site Domains
Make primary domain
Transfer lock
When enabled, a transfer lock prevents your domain from being transferred to another provider. Sometimes the transfer lock cannot be disabled, such as when a domain is recently registered.
Enabling domain privacy protection hides your contact information from public view. For some domain extensions, such as some country specific domain extensions, privacy protection is not available.
When auto-renew is enabled, we will automatically attempt to renew your domain 30 days before it expires, to ensure you do not lose access to your domain.
Your site comes with a free address using a subdomain. As an alternative to using the free subdomain, you can instead use a custom domain name for your site, for example:
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