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Jetpack Scan
You are receiving this email because you have activated Jetpack Scan on your site.<br />If you need to contact support regarding this email, please include this site identifier in the message: %1$s.<br />To manage your email settings, please go here:<br />%2$s
%s includes access to Jetpack Anti-spam.<br/><br/>If you were unable to use our automatic installation tool during checkout, we've put together a step-by-step guide to help you get up and running.
Jetpack Anti-Spam
Welcome to Jetpack Scan!
Jetpack Scan will replace the affected file or directory.
Jetpack Scan will delete the affected file or directory.
Jetpack Scan will update to a newer version (%(version)s).
Jetpack Scan will resolve the threat.
Jetpack Scan will update to a newer version.
The last Jetpack scan ran {{strong}}%s{{/strong}} and everything looked great.{{br/}}Run a manual scan now or wait for Jetpack to scan your site later today.
You are receiving this email because you have Jetpack Scan active. When contacting support please use the following reference number:<span style="font-weight: bold" >[%s]</span>.
Jetpack Scan couldn't complete a scan of your site. Please check to see if your site is down – if it's not, try again. If it is, or if Jetpack Scan is still having problems, contact our support team.
Your site "%1$s" is safe with Jetpack Scan
Realtime Scan
Your site does not support Jetpack Scan
Jetpack Scan is currently not supported on WordPress multi-site networks.
Welcome to Jetpack Scan! We're scoping out your site, setting up to do a full scan. We'll let you know if we spot any issues that might impact a scan, then your first full scan will start.
Introducing the new Jetpack Scan
Jetpack Scan Daily
Daily Scan
Jetpack Scan Realtime
<strong>Scan:</strong> Jetpack Scan will alert you of plugin and theme vulnerabilities while regularly scanning your site for malicious files.
We're setting up Jetpack Akismet Anti-spam for you right now.
We're sorry, Jetpack Scan is not compatible with multisite WordPress installations at this time.
Jetpack Anti-spam
Jetpack Scan — daily scanning
Jetpack Scan — <strong>real-time</strong> scanning
Jetpack’s free features are compatible with WordPress Multisite networks. Paid features also work with Multisite networks, but each site requires its own subscription. Jetpack VaultPress Backup and Jetpack Scan are not currently compatible with Multisite networks.
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