Domains: Add Unlock step and Start step components to the new Transfer flow #6652818

Created on 2021-09-24, translation required by 2021-09-26 (321 days ago.)

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Initial setup
Authorize the transfer
For this setup you will need to log in to your current domain provider and go through a few steps.
It takes 10-20 minutes to set up.
It can take up to 5 days for the domain to be transferred, depending on your provider.
If you would like to have your domain point to your site faster, consider <a>connecting your domain</a> first.
Your domain is locked
Can't get the domain's lock status
Domain providers lock domains to prevent unauthorized transfers. You’ll need to unlock it on your domain provider’s settings page. Some domain providers require you to contact them via their customer support to unlock it.
Please check that your domain is unlocked.
Your domain is still locked. If you’ve already unlocked it, wait a few minutes and try again.
It might take a few minutes for any changes to take effect.
Once you have unlocked your domain click on the button below to proceed.


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