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Quadrat is a simple, versatile WordPress theme, designed for blogs and podcasts. Inspired by squared shapes and colourful, minimalist flat illustrations, Quadrat bundles a set of images you can use on your site with the theme’s default color palette. Quadrat’s default styles are bold and playful, relying on a simple sans-serif font and a strong color scheme that you can customize.
Antin is a minimalist theme, designed for single-page websites. Its single post and page layouts have no header, navigation menus, or widgets, so the page you design in the WordPress editor is the same page you’ll see on the front end.
Zoologist is a simple blogging theme that supports full-site editing.
Geologist is a streamlined theme for modern bloggers. It consists of a simple single column of posts, paired with a sophisticated color palette and beautiful sans-serif typography.
Russell is a simple blogging theme that supports full-site editing. It comes with a set of minimal templates and design settings that can be manipulated through Global Styles.


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