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Learn more
Upload videos
per month, billed yearly
per month, billed monthly
Start with Free
Advanced SEO tools
Automated website backups
Premium themes
Remove ads
Custom domain name
Need an enterprise solution? WordPress VIP provides everything you need to build and run best-in-class customer experiences at scale. Plans start at %s.
Collect payments
WordPress VIP
Free for 3 months
Let our team of experts build your website. Whether you need a landing page or a full ecommerce site, an online learning academy or an interactive informational site for your business, we can build it for you.
Professional Email
Not included
WordPress plugins
Unlimited WordPress plugins
%sGB of storage
SFTP, Database access
Custom email address with mailbox, calendar, templates and more. Register free for 3 months with your custom domain. After 3 months, you have the option to renew or cancel your email subscription.
Gain access to advanced, professional & beautiful premium design templates including themes specifically tailored for businesses.
Sell products with WooCommerce
Includes one-click payments, premium store designs and personalized expert support.
WooCommerce is included
Remove ads is included
SFTP, Database access is included
Start your free website. Limited functionality, storage and visits.
upgrade when you need
The full power of modern WordPress hosting made easy.
Try Pro risk-free
WordPress Free
Custom domain name is not included
Premium themes are not included
WordPress plugins are not included
Premium support is not included
WooCommerce is not included
Remove ads is not included
Advanced SEO tools are not included
%s Website Administrator
Upload videos is not included
Collect payments is not included
Built in social media tools are not included
Professional Email is not included
Earn money from ads is not included
SFTP, Database access is not included
Automated website backups are not included
Jetpack essentials are not included
WordPress Pro
Free for one year
Custom domain name is free for one year!
Premium themes are included
Unlimited plugins
Premium support is included
Advanced SEO tools are included
Upload videos is included
Collect payments is included
Built in social media tools are included
Earn money from ads is included
Automated website backups are included
Jetpack essentials are included
Get a personalized online address that’s easy to remember and easy to share. First year comes for free with your paid annual subscription.
Be able to add forms, calendar, and more.
Install WordPress plugins and extend functionality for your site with access to more than 50,000 WordPress plugins.
Premium Support
Get expert help to build your site.
Customer service isn’t just something we offer. It’s who we are. Over 30% of is dedicated to service. We call it Happiness—real support delivered by real human beings who specialize in launching and fine-tuning WordPress sites.
Free sites include ads. The WordPress Pro plan allows you to remove these to keep your website clean of ads.
Get found on search engines.
Get found faster with built-in SEO tools.
Website Administrator
Pro WordPress lets you have unlimited users editing your site. This is ideal for having multiple collaborators help you have your website built and maintained.
Upload videos to your website and display them using a fast player on the WordPress Pro plan.
Accept donations, subscriptions and more.
One simple, flexible way to collect any type of payment. Accept payments for just about anything from goods and services to memberships and donations.
Built in social media tools
Amplify your voice with our built-in social tools.
Custom email address with your own domain.
Earn money from ads
Monetize your website with ads.
WordAds connects your site with some of the biggest ad publishers, including Google AdSense, Facebook Audience Network, Amazon A9, and others!
Upload and remove files to your website using secure FTP data transfer with your WordPress Pro plan.
Daily backups give you granular control over your site, with the ability to restore it to any previous state in a snap, and export it at any time.
Jetpack essentials
Optimize your site for better SEO, faster-loading pages, and protection from spam with essential Jetpack features.
Choose the plan that’s right for you
The WordPress Pro plan comes with a 14-day full money back guarantee
Unlimited Website Administrators
%(adminCount)s Website Administrator
Professional Email is free for 3 months


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