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Available with any paid plan — no plugin required.
Enable Payment Button
Let visitors pay for digital goods and services or make quick, pre-set donations by inserting the Payment Button block.
Let visitors pay for digital goods and services or make quick, pre-set donations by enabling the Payment Button block.
Manage Donations Form
Enable Donations Form
Accept one-time and recurring donations by inserting the Donations Form block.
Accept one-time and recurring donations by enabling the Donations Form block.
Manage Premium Content
Enable Premium Content
Profit from subscriber-only content
Create paid subscriptions so only subscribers can see selected content on your site — everyone else will see a paywall.
Our payments blocks make it easy to add a buy button for digital goods or services, collect donations via a form, or limit access for specific content to subscribers-only.
The Payment Button, Donations Form, and Premium Content blocks all require you to first connect your bank account details with our secure payment processor, Stripe.
All credit and debit card payments made through these blocks are securely and seamlessly processed by Stripe.
No plugin required
No additional installs or purchases. Simply connect your banking details with our payment processor, Stripe, and insert a block to get started.
One-time and recurring options
Accept one-time, monthly, and yearly payments from your visitors. This is perfect for a single purchase or tip — or a recurring donation, membership fee, or subscription.
No membership fees
No monthly or annual fees charged.
Join thousands of others
Upgrade to enable Payment Blocks.
Accept payments or donations with our native payment blocks, limit content to paid subscribers only, opt into our ad network to earn revenue, and refer friends to WordPress.com for credits.


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