Getting Started with Translation

We are glad to see you are interested in helping translate! It is thanks to translation contributors like you that we can make available to people all over the world.

You can contribute translations at any time as long as you speak the language and have a account.

Get Started

Before you get started, read through our translator expectations and community standards. Then, have a look at our Translation Style Guide for information about style and tone, as well as details about how to handle variables, product and feature names, and other stylistic elements.

Start Translating

There are 2 ways you can start translating

1. Turn on the Community Translator

The easiest way to start translating into your language is to enable our Community Translator Tool from your Account Settings page.

Enable Community Translator
Turn on the Community Translator from your Account Settings screen

2. Use

You can also translate using our online translation platform,

Suggest translations using a list of all translatable strings. For more information about this tool, see this documentation.

What to Translate First

If you’re not sure where to start, start from the My Sites section of your dashboard. You can have the most impact by choosing the sections people use often.

While you are on, click the status bar at the top of translation screens to view the “Translation Breakdown”, where links to My Sites and other sections are available.


Or, you may want to translate the theme you are using. You can find all strings within themes from here.

Approval Process

All suggested translations need to be approved by a validator before they are deployed. For details, visit Translation Process Overview.