Setting Up a Locale Team Communication Center (P2 Blog)

Are there more than a couple of translation contributors for your locale? If so, you may want to consider setting up a “P2” as a communication center for your team.

What is a P2?

P2 is a name of WordPress theme that lets you create a blog that can work similar to a bulletin board. An example of a P2 site is our own Translation Community site. Translation Community P2

When you have your own translation community P2, contributors for your locale can work together. Example of things you can do on a P2 include:

  • Discus ambiguous translations
  • Coordinate creating a glossary and style guide
  • Host your style guide and other documentation

P2 makes discussion and planning easy by letting you do the following and more.

  • Start a discussion thread with real-time updates of the post and comments
  • Easily create a todo list
  • @ mention members by their username
  • Keep your documentation and more using static pages

You can read the details of the theme’s functionalities on the P2 theme page.

Setting Up Your Team P2

Just as easily as setting up any other site, you can have your team P2.

  1. Add a new site.
  2. Select “P2” as your theme (NOT “P2 Classic”).
  3. Go to the Customizer and check the “Enable front-end editing” option under “Theme Options”
  4. Arrange sidebar widgets and create a posting guideline page (example).
  5. Let us know your new site on the translation forum. We’ll send member invitations to translation contributors and add it to the list of Locale Community Links.

Inviting Others

Once you finish setting up your site, invite translation contributors to join the new site using their usernames.

You can find most active contributors from our Translators page by clicking your locale name. Please note their display names may not be the same as their usernames. You’ll need to find out their username by clicking their name and using the last part of the Gravatar URL.