Translating Outside of GlotPress

There may be times when you want to translate outside of GlotPress. This might be because you want to work with a translation tool you are more familiar with. Or you might find it easier to work on translations locally.

Exporting and Importing PO Files into GlotPress

For this, GlotPress has an Export and Import feature. The Export allows you to export the strings for translation as a PO file (or portable object file). The Import feature allows you to import translated strings back into GlotPress. Please note that only validators have access to the Import feature. If you want to import a translated file into GlotPress and you are not a validator, please get in touch with one of the validators for your locale. They can help you import your translations.

Translating PO Files

Once you have exported the file, you can translate it in multiple ways, using any translation tool you choose. We recommend Poedit, an open-source tool compatible with all major operating systems. Since many tools don’t have glossary integration, please make sure to refer to the glossaries for your locale when translating outside of GlotPress.


  • Use filters to limit the number of strings you export. There are over 30,000 strings just for the project. Exporting all these strings will results in a very large PO file that can be hard to manage.
    • Filter for strings “Without a current translation” and select a “View” to the strings in the PO file.
    • You can also filter for strings with a particular word, by using the “Term” field.
  • Next to the Export button, select “only matching the filter” from the dropdown menu.
  • Make sure there is not extra whitespace inserted into the PO files; this can cause the import to fail.
  • Check that the variables are handled correctly.
  • Use the glossaries and style guides as reference when translating.
  • Use the approved translations in GlotPress as reference for consistency.
    • If you are using Poedit, you can take advantage of the translation memory features.
  • Get in touch with our team if you need any assistance!