Translation Process Overview

The translation process is managed through an online translation environment called GlotPress, an open source tool that helps translators collaborate. Here is a brief overview of the translation process.

The Translation Process

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.41.50 PM.png

1. New Strings

As our developers work on the software, new strings are constantly being added to

2. GlotPress

These strings are then added to GlotPress where they are ready for translation through

3. Translation

Once a string is in GlotPress, any user can suggest translations. For more information about how to suggest translations, please see here.

Suggested translation will have a yellow “Waiting” status until they have been approved by a validator.

4. Validation

Translations appear on after they have been through this validation process and deployed by staff (usually once there are about 200 newly updated strings for your language).

5. Translations on

Translations are visible on!