Validation Process

As part of the translation process, each suggested translation goes through a validation process. This is to ensure that suggested translations match the style and tone of and are consistent with other translations.

Once you suggest a translation, a validator will review your suggestions, then approve, edit or reject them. You’ll see your translations on after they are approved and deployed by staff (usually once there are about 200 newly updated strings for your language).

Translators vs. Validators

Any user (that would be you!) can suggest new translations, and we are very grateful for everyone’s help. Once a new string is suggested, it has the yellow “suggested” status on until reviewed by a validator.

Validators have more admin rights than a contributing translator. They can approve, edit, or reject translations. Only approved translations without warnings will be deployed on In addition, validators can upload external files (such as .po and .mo files) as “Current” status, and discard warnings.

A string translated by a validator is automatically approved (but will still generate all applicable warnings).

For details, visit the Becoming a Validator page and the Language Management and Validation section in our Translation FAQ.

Ask for Validation or Become a Validator

If you don’t think your locale’s validator is actively checking suggestions, please let the staff know on the Translations Forums and we’ll take a look. If you would like to help validate strings for your language, you can submit your request via the Translations Forum. Please make sure you meet the criteria for becoming a validator.