Build a Locale Glossary & Style Guide

Having a basic glossary and style guide is a great way to get more people involved in translating and other projects. By making the guidelines clear, they help volunteer translators feel comfortable suggesting translations.

Here’s a list of glossaries and style guides. If you don’t find one for your locale, continue reading this page to learn how to build them.

Be sure to check if a  glossary and style guide already exists for your locale first. We recommend adopting them for translation, because:

  1. It’s valuable for users to have a seamless experience across both WordPress platforms
  2. Both translation communities can work more efficiently by sharing translations as well as common tasks like building guidelines

Building a Locale Glossary

  1. On the project list page of, click the Projects by language link above the footer section.
  2. Search for your locale using the Filter field, then click the row you found.
  3. On the top right of the next page, click the Create Locale Glossary” link.

Please note only project validators can create/edit items in a Locale Glossary. If you’d like to propose a change as a non-validator, post it on the translation forums.

Building a Style Guide

To learn how to get started on your style guide, read the Building a Style Guide section on the Polyglots Handbook.

Get Them Listed

Once you’re ready, please contact us on the Translation Forums and we are happy to include them on the list of resources.