Working with Other Translators

Working closely with other translators for your locale is an important key to increasing the number of translations while keeping the consistency and quality.

It’s a good idea to get in touch with them, ask each other questions, and discuss the best way to translate in your language.

Find Validator(s)

You can find the validator(s) of a project from the section at the top of the translation screen of each project:


Contact Other Translators

Each team or individual have their own choice of communication style. Check out the Locale Community Links page, or try to contact the validator personally.

If you are having a hard time reaching out to other members of your translation team, feel free to contact us on the Translation Forum.

Build a Glossary & Style Guide Together

Once you establish some agreements on some rules and guidelines, let’s put it into writing and share with other volunteers. Learn more about creating a locale glossary and style guide.